Employees mobile

Employees mobile

Mobile employees often work in places far away from where they live: they are responsible for several regions and cover many kilometres every day. Moreover, they have recently been working in different circumstances that force strict compliance with guidelines of the sanitary regime.

Their work requires constant movement. Most often, this group includes bus drivers, truck drivers, taxi drivers, auditors, couriers, employees of logistics companies, service technicians, trainers or sales representatives.

There are health risks of driving, yet mobile employees are sought after on the labour market, especially if they work in a specific industry, for example as pharmaceutical representatives. This makes the recruitment process very competitive. Appropriately selected preventive actions and a competitive non-pay benefits positively affect the continuity of employment, employee engagement and their performance.


An unhealthy lifestyle has a negative impact on arranging meals. Irregular eating, especially of warm meals, and rushed eating of low-quality ready-made dishes affect the body mass. According to Medicover’s data, 57% of employees in this occupational group have excessive BMI, one in four has significantly high cholesterol levels, while 32% of professional drivers complain from gastrointestinal disorders.  

Education in this respect, for example in the form of lectures or meetings with a dietician, may be very difficult: employees are in different locations and spend most of their time on the go. 

Today more than ever, when specialists recommend online training, without having to gather employees in one place, providing them with individually selected dietary and training plans is a great alternative, enabling remote diet management and no need to visit a dietician.


Mobile work involves the risk of experiencing stress on the road. Usually, it is caused by other drivers’ behaviour, unexpected road conditions, having to arrive at a certain time or having to schedule breaks required by law while meeting delivery deadlines. Due to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and because of the need to look for remote solutions and to avoid gathering employees together, group meetings with a psychologist are not possible. In order to provide mobile employees with psychological support, it is worth considering an extension to your medical package in order to include visits to a psychologist (including phone consultations ).

Spending time actively with others and socialising help relieve stress and reduce the negative impact associated with separation from the loved ones. Providing this occupational groups with access to a benefit platform makes it easier for them to choose from a rich entertainment offer, increases its availability and is safe: a large portion of the benefits can be used online, for example while shopping.

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