Medical package extension – dentistry

Medical care and preventionMedical package extension – dentistry

According to various sources, caries can affect up to 99% of adults. Improper diet and poor hygiene habits may lead to the formation of cavities in teeth and, after a few months, may cause inflammation, pain and sudden need of dental intervention. In addition to caries, patients face the need to replace old fillings, fill in new cavities, as a result of tooth brittleness or fractures, treat periodontal disease or malocclusion, or carry out an oral hygiene visit.

Dental health and oral hygiene are very important for everyone, regardless of the occupational group to which your employees belong. However, in some professions, beautiful smile is particularly important: in sales, customer service or among managers. People from these groups will appreciate the opportunity to make use of the additional dental care.

Sudden toothache, cavity or mechanical damage can spoil your mood and interfere with your professional plans. In order to prevent such situations, it is necessary to regularly perform dental check-ups, and to ensure that conservative treatment is carried out early enough. When facing everyday chores, it is easy to forget about this and about planning the visits in advance. It is easier to include them in your plans if you know they do not involve unexpected costs (because, as part of the extension, they are paid for by the employer) and if you know and trust the clinic that looks after you.

Advanced dental services and cosmetic dentistry are recognised as a particularly prestigious non-pay benefit. It has a measurable impact on the level of employee satisfaction, engagement and efficiency at work.

Flexible dentistry

We offer the dental package extension in various scopes. Depending on your budget and your employees’ needs, we will offer a tailor-made solution thanks to which your employees will be able to use different ranges of dental services. The most basic scope may include hygiene checks and prevention programmes, whereas one that is more extensive – specialist treatment, endodontics, etc.

Product recommended for:

Your company’s needs

  1. I would like to build engagement, resilience, mental fitness and energy of employees
  2. I would like to create safe working conditions: develop new workplace safety standards and requirements
  3. I would like to provide employees with benefits despite the need to reduce personnel costs related to e.g. employment or salaries

Type of employees

  • Employees sales and customer service
  • Employees management
  • Employees production
  • Employees office
  • Employees mobile
  • Employees remote