Specialist at your company (physiotherapist)

Medical care and preventionSpecialist at your company (physiotherapist)

Back and joint pain is one of the most common symptoms affecting working people. Regardless of the nature of work, employees may experience pain in elbows, knees, wrists, back, neck, etc. Many of these do not require pharamcotherapy (medications, ointments or pain relieving gels), but only the right physical activity and ergonomic work principles.

Unfortunately, prolonged pain and discomfort reduce the efficiency of your employees. If, due to the epidemic, your business forces employees to work from home, circumstances affecting the musculoskeletal system may become particularly severe. Conditions at home are rarely good enough to ensure that several weeks of the home-office system are without any damage to your employees’ health.

How does the consultation with a physiotherapist work?

On-call duty with a physiotherapist is a convenient solution that will allow employees to participate in a consultation without the need to make an appointment at the Medicover Centre or organise an event at the company’s headquarters.

During the on-call duty, the physiotherapist is available to your employees for 5 hours. A dedicated phone line is active during this time. Employees can talk to the specialist individually, only using the phone number provided.

A single consultation lasts about 15 minutes during which time the physiotherapist will answer the patients’ questions and offer solutions that will help to reduce the symptoms suffered by employees. During the consultation, the specialist may also suggest additional sources of knowledge and recommend an appropriate form of physical activity and exercises. Videos with exercises together with instructions and techniques are available on the Medicover website. During the consultation, the physiotherapist may indicate which of the exercises are best, and how to select them for the reported problem or condition.

The duration of the on-call duty is indicative. If you have many employees and you know that most of them would like to consult a physiotherapist, contact our Consultant – we will help you choose the best solutions.

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  3. I would like to provide employees with benefits despite the need to reduce personnel costs related to e.g. employment or salaries

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