Employees management

Employees management

A standard working week in Poland is 40 hours. Despite this, most Poles (particularly those employed on management positions) work much longer. For several years now, employees in Poland have been among those working longest: on average, they work 45 hours per week. People on management position work even more, namely about 47 hours.

Due to the large amount of work, high responsibility and the imbalance between private and professional life, management employees struggle with stress, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and lack of exercise. Like others, they are exposed to neoplastic and infectious diseases, but their illness is often more severe and they stay sick longer due to the inability to rest and recover. This group is also most vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes. Changes on the labour market, coordination of teams working on a remote basis, restructuring, good leadership in times of pandemic, and cost reductions cause additional stress among managers resulting from managing their teams.

Due to numerous exposures and their professional status, management employees expect extensive medical packages. Providing managers with easy access to many specialists, including a psychologist, laboratory work-up, imaging diagnostics and hospital care, has a positive impact on the efficiency of their work.

Extending the medical plan with additional (dental and physiotherapy) services has a positive impact on employee satisfaction and employer image.


Management employees are particularly in need of support in coping with stress and methods that help them find a work-life balance. Webinars are a good idea to instil the right habits.

Daily stress may increase mood disorders and depression. According to studies, this affects about 5 to 17% of the population, including management employees.  In such cases, it is worth considering online psychological consultations or even provide individual therapy.

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