Medical package extension – mental care

Mental healthMedical package extension – mental care

The importance of mental balance for the overall health and well-being of employees is increasingly recognised by employers. Companies that want to shape proper habits, look after their employees’ efficiency and reduce financial losses due to prolonged sick leaves are investing in psychological care for their employees.

Prolonged problems affect physical health and may contribute to a reduced resistance to infectious diseases, as well as to the development or exacerbation of symptoms of chronic diseases, such as hypertension.

Psychological care is to enable employees to benefit from on-site consultations with specialists. Prevention programmes and on-call duties with specialists certainly contribute to improving the well-being of employees, strengthen their relationship with the employer, and can help solve minor everyday problems. However, they will not substitute access to a specialist who, during a few longer one-on-one visits, can learn in depth about the problems the patient is reporting, and propose a solution.

Why do employees need additional medical care involving psychological consultations?

Providing employees with additional psychological care ensures an increased level of security. Employees feel that the employer cares about their mental balance, and pays a lot of attention to this sphere of health. During the COVID-19 epidemic, psychological care is an exceptional benefit for employees. The last few months have been full of negative emotions with which active people have not always been able to cope.

At the same time, psychological support that is easily accessible and does not entail additional costs for employees contributes to reducing long-term absenteeism, which results from mood disorders and psychological problems.

Proper professional psychological care means reducing the level of stress among employees, and increasing their engagement and effectiveness in performing their daily duties.

Provision of psychological care

Depending on the needs of the employer and the number of employees, we adapt the psychological care plan individually. You can choose from a few to several visits on top of those included in each employee’s plan, and you can adapt available specialties to the range of visits that can be used, at no extra charge.

As part of the plan, employees can use services at Medical Centres and subcontractors’ facilities.

Product recommended for:

Your company’s needs

  1. I would like to build engagement, resilience, mental fitness and energy of employees
  2. I would like to create safe working conditions: develop new workplace safety standards and requirements
  3. I would like to provide employees with benefits despite the need to reduce personnel costs related to e.g. employment or salaries

Type of employees

  • Employees sales and customer service
  • Employees management
  • Employees production
  • Employees office
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