Employees production

Employees production

Production employees (especially those who are highly qualified or specialise in narrow segments) are one of the most sought-after occupational groups. Safety is crucial when it comes to managing production lines, whether in the light or in the heavy industry.

Production employees include those working in the light industry, for example in food production, sewing plants, in the pharmaceutical industry as well as those working in the heavy industry, for example in steelworks, in the mining industry, who manufacture equipment and machinery, etc. Exposure and needs of employees in these groups vary, and a decision to implement prevention actions should be supported by an audit that will help determine the needs and specific risks in each group.

However, regardless of the nature of production activities, some of the needs and health problems faced by these employees are similar. These include back and joint pain, exposure to viral infections, flu or cold, need for exercise and sports, a tailored range of medical care, and first aid skills.


Work performed by production employees is physically demanding and is often carried out in particularly difficult conditions.  One of the most common health exposures in production involves effects of handling heavy objects and repetitiveness of movements while working on a production line.  Ergonomics is very important in such conditions. Carrying out a remote ergonomic audit and teaching employees the right habits help reduce back and joint pain.


Long-term exposure to variable temperatures or microclimates makes employees more susceptible to infections, such as flu and cold. Infections easily spread among people who work in a single place and close to each other, for example in a production hall. In order to prevent interruptions in production during the infection season, it is worth ensuring infection prevention programmes, by training and teaching employees the right behaviour and by planning flu vaccinations in advance.

Due to the locations of production plants, which are often far away from large cities, it may be problematic to provide medical care to your employees. A solution dedicated to the largest companies is opening an on-site clinic, which will provide easy access to specialists and reduce the risk associated with the spread of infectious diseases.

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