Webinar – how not to go crazy in today’s world?

Mental healthWebinar – how not to go crazy in today’s world?

Shift work, quick return to work after a period of maternity leave, task-based work, overtime, stress, demanding projects and the need to combine work and personal life – all these factors can have a negative impact on mental balance and health of your employees. As a result, they are at risk of burnout, neurosis, anxieties or even depression. Depending on estimates, they affect 5–17% of people.

All these problems involving employees generate huge costs for both employees and employers. How to prevent them? How to increase efficiency of employees who may already be affected by burnout? What tools do we give them to stop the problems, and how do we not to let them “go crazy in today’s world”?

Participants of our seminar will receive answers to these and many other questions. We will equip them with tools that will make it easier for them to manage themselves and to balance their professional and personal life better, without losing contact with their loved ones or interest in their own hobbies and passions.

Who is the target group of the “How not to go crazy in today’s world” seminar?

The seminar is intended for all occupational groups who are exposed to stress. The groups to which we recommend it includes mainly office employees and people who work in sales and customer service. A specific group of participants to whom we dedicate this seminar are management employees all of whom are exposed to high levels of stress and the need to make decisions every day.

How does a seminar at your company’s premises work?

The meeting with employees usually takes 1.5–2 hours. During this time, employees attend a lecture and then can compare and analyse the obtained information with their own lifestyle or working conditions: by asking questions or requesting to have individual areas of knowledge extended.

During the lecture, a psychologist guides participants through theoretical stress-related issues and then presents practical skills on how to deal with stressful situations. During the seminar, employees will also learn relaxation techniques and ways to relax and fight stress.

Product recommended for:

Your company’s needs

  1. I would like to build engagement, resilience, mental fitness and energy of employees
  2. I would like to create safe working conditions: develop new workplace safety standards and requirements
  3. I would like to provide employees with benefits despite the need to reduce personnel costs related to e.g. employment or salaries

Type of employees

  • Employees sales and customer service
  • Employees management
  • Employees production
  • Employees office
  • Employees mobile
  • Employees remote