Webinar – do you know what you eat? How to read product labels?

Healthy eating and dietWebinar – do you know what you eat? How to read product labels?

Increased body mass is not only an aesthetic problem. It poses a real threat to employees’ health and life, causing cardiovascular problems and increasing the risk of neoplastic diseases and mobility problems, such as joint pain or even joint damage.

In order to quickly lose weight or follow the latest healthy eating trends, patients often forget about their health and the basic principles of nutrition. Consequently, they may be affected by a number of health problems that they have never expected. After all, they are finally trying to lead a healthy life!

Who is the target group of “how to read product labels” webinar?

Learning the basic principles of healthy eating and gaining the ability to verify information found on packaging make a healthy lifestyle much easier, and improve the visual effects of implemented diets. For busy office, sales, customer services and production employees who have difficulty balancing professional and private responsibilities, it will be a great help if they are shown how to plan meals, how to prepare them in order to make them easy to transport and eat at work, and how to shop, so as not to get lost in the maze of information not all of which is true and confirmed by experts.

What will webinar participants learn about nutrition?

All those who decide to participate in the online meeting will receive a handful of useful information on healthy eating, and substantial knowledge on dietetics and basic nutrition.

  • Employees will learn to interpret information on packaging of the products they buy. They will learn how to understand the symbols marked with an “E” in product composition: they will find out that some of them are widely known and are not associated with harmful preservatives or artificial food additives.
  • They will learn how to buy smart, and how to organise their daily shopping.
  • Nutrition information and the ability to use it thanks to the tools they will be equipped with can contribute to weight loss and improved well-being due to adequate nutrition and supply of necessary minerals and vitamins.

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  1. I would like to build engagement, resilience, mental fitness and energy of employees
  2. I would like to create safe working conditions: develop new workplace safety standards and requirements
  3. I would like to provide employees with benefits despite the need to reduce personnel costs related to e.g. employment or salaries

Type of employees

  • Employees sales and customer service
  • Employees management
  • Employees production
  • Employees office
  • Employees mobile
  • Employees remote