Specialist at your company – dietician

Healthy eating and dietSpecialist at your company – dietician

In everyday rush people who often balance work from home with household chores and parental duties have difficulty preparing their meals properly. The multitude of issues make us forget how important it is to ensure we eat healthy.

Currently, it is difficult to plan a specialist consultation, especially if it is not urgent and does not concern health problems that significantly affect the quality of life at a given time.

Obesity is a disease that develops slowly. For this reason, it is easy for busy people to postpone their visit to a dietician indefinitely, always looking for new arguments, like “I am in a hurry after work, I don't have time to squeeze the consultation into my daily plan,” or “Where I live, it is difficult to get access to a dietician who would be trustworthy, so I don't know how to choose the right specialist and I don’t feel like spending a few hours on the visit.”

The solution is a phone consultation that can be held from home, without having to spend extra time commuting. In times of the unstable epidemiological situation, when we try to limit contacts with other people, this form of consultation has an additional advantage: it is safe from the risk of infection.

Meanwhile, inappropriate diet has many chronic consequences for the health: diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol levels. According to Medicover data, hypertension affects about 28% of patients, excessively high cholesterol levels – almost 50%, whereas diabetes – 20%.

Chronic diseases affect employee productivity. Some of them are also important in terms of safety at work. Therefore, it is worth looking after employees’ health in good time, especially after a period of home isolation, so as to be there before the disease strikes.

Who are the target occupational groups of phone consultations with a dietician?

The occupational groups that will see the greatest benefit of a dietary consultation are the ones that, by nature, are exposed to the risk of obesity and weight gain. These include office and sales employees, working under time pressure and in contact with customers, leading a sedentary lifestyle that is conducive to obesity. Management employees will also benefit from this consultation: stress and irregular working hours result in snacking and eating of poor quality food in a rush.

The last group to which we recommend the consultation are production employees because, in their case, it is also important to take into consideration the appropriate caloric supply.

How does the on-call duty work?

The service is available as a 5-hour on-call duty during which employees can individually consult the specialist. The dietician can consult around 30 people during a single on-call duty.

Employees are informed in advance that they can consult the dietician. They are given a dedicated phone number and a time and date when they can make the call. A single consultation takes about 15 minutes.

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