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Medical care and preventionErgonomic audit – office

Ergonomics of office work is extremely important. Even slight deviations from standards may result in serious symptoms of the musculoskeletal system. In companies where not many ergonomic actions have been carried out so far, we recommend an ergonomic audit.

The audit will help systematise knowledge about workstations and exposures present there. Learning about the current circumstances enables to provide recommendations and introduce positive changes for the benefit of your employees.

We know that different companies have different needs. Some of them mainly use office employees, while others are active in the production sector. These differences require a different approach as early as at the stage of identifying your company’s needs.

How does an ergonomic audit of an office work?

During the ergonomic audit of office workstations, Medicover experts will review selected workstations, carry out indicative measurements of the work environment, and answer employees’ questions. The visit of ergonomics specialists is not only an opportunity to examine the work environment in detail, but above all it is an excuse to start a discussion about ergonomics in your company, and to encourage your employees to get involved in activities benefiting their comfort.

The audit ends with a report. The report includes a detailed description of facts, suggested improvements, and examples of ready-made solutions.

Or maybe... Online? Remote ergonomic audit

Due to the unstable epidemiological situation or the nature of your industry, we have designed a remote solution. The ergonomic audit can be performed online without negatively affecting the results. An additional advantage of this solution is the engagement of employees because we ask them about the working comfort on a given workstation.

An online audit enables to analyse far more workstations than during an on-site audit where a Medicover ergonomic specialist will examine up to 25 workstations during a single day. In the case of a remote audit, even more than 500 employees may answer the survey questions at the same time.

People whose workstations are audited are asked to complete a special questionnaire. Based on the results, we prepare a detailed report identifying possible problems and detailed recommendations for improvement actions. The report is based on declarative answers of employees received after completing the questionnaires.

The online audit has yet another advantage: it does not disorganise the office work, and involves employees only for a dozen or so minutes (that is how much time they need to complete the questionnaire).

Product recommended for:

Your company’s needs

  1. I would like to build engagement, resilience, mental fitness and energy of employees
  2. I would like to create safe working conditions: develop new workplace safety standards and requirements
  3. I would like to provide employees with benefits despite the need to reduce personnel costs related to e.g. employment or salaries

Type of employees

  • Employees sales and customer service
  • Employees management
  • Employees production
  • Employees office
  • Employees mobile
  • Employees remote